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German Association for the Gifted Child (DGhK)


The German Association for the Gifted Child (DGhK) is a nationwide, non-profit association that promotes the needs of gifted children by working with parents, teachers, psychologists and other interested persons.

Some gifted children don’t seem to fit into standard settings: They learn very fast, have an exceptionally good memory, can express themselves well and have abilities, interests and hobbies considered above their age group. They can benefit from special counseling and help to develop a positive attitude towards learning and life and to find a way that suits their interests and gifts.


Together with children, parents and teachers we look for answers to the following questions:

  • How can I show my child that I see and accept her/his personality?
  • How can I improve dealing with this child and her/his perhaps less gifted siblings?
  • What can I do for my child at home to help her/him to develop her/his gifts?
  • What can kindergarten and school teachers do?
  • Are there special programs for children of other nationalities?
  • Where can I find further information and assistance?

The DGhK is represented in many federal states through regional branches – you can find different activities and options:

  • for children: workshops and courses, places and activities for meeting peers, weekend and holiday camps
  • for parents: discussion groups, seminars and workshops, weekends for families
  • for teachers in kindergarten and school: counseling and support, in-service training

The DGhK is member of the WCGTC and member of ECHA.

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More information

Presentation by the DGhK International Officer, Jaana Rassmussen, at the 18th International ECHA Conference in September 2022